Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®)

Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®)

Life Length measures telomere structures, relevant in cell replication and aging. Our proprietary Telomere Analysis Technology® (TAT®) is the only assay commercially available able to determine over 200 telomeric variables including the percentage of short telomeres in individual cells; a valuable diagnostic tool within the area of preventive and personalized medicine.

ONCOCHECK´s main goal is to prove the clinical value of telomere-associated variables (TAVs) as biomarkers for cancer management. The project, EU financed Horizon2020, grant#738707, includes six independent clinical studies. Integrating TAVs in cancer care can help doctors to make earlier and more accurate decisions leading to improved patient outcomes.

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In order to explain the procedures and logistics of their test, Life Legth will be showing a Test Kit sample and a Results Report sample to the interested visitors.

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