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European medical laboratory industry report

MEDLAB Europe brings to you a report on the European Medical Laboratory industry so that you can have a better understanding of the opportunities and barriers when navigating the European healthcare market.

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Economic challenges for hospital laboratories

In industrial nations expenditures in healthcare systems are continuously rising. Due to technical and medical improvements, a growing awareness of claims of patients and most of all, as the obvious result of a disproportionally ageing population, costs are increasing.

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Massive new generation sequencing (NGS) applied to clinical microbiology: reality or fiction?  

The Vall d’Hebron Clinical Laboratories, located in the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, centralize the in vitro diagnostic studies of both hospital activity and primary care for the 1.2 million people population of the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. This intense activity allows us to keep a very broad view of every aspect of in vitro diagnosis, including Clinical Microbiology.

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Future directions in countering antimicrobial resistance  

The fight against bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics is a crucial element of medical and microbiological research today. The phenomenon of antibiotic resistance itself is a part of the expression of the bacterial genome, and therefore can be expected to emerge in whatever situation antibiotics are used, and to increase with the number of drugs used.

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Addressing the Challenges of Multi-drug Resistance of Hospital Acquired Infections and the Role of the Laboratory in Lowering the Infection Rates

Over the last two decades multi-drug resistant microorganisms (MDROs) have been increasing in frequency and diversity. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics, as well as inadequate infection control, have led to the development of resistance and global spread of these organisms.

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Promises and Drawbacks of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Laboratory Medicine

The introduction of diagnostic tests in clinical practice has been for long based on the work of so-called “expert groups” or “expert panels”, which were in duty of revising applications and updating the list of clinically available tests according to recent biological discoveries, technological developments or changes of disease epidemiology.

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