Informa Life Sciences, a trading division of Informa Middle East Limited (Dubai Branch), the organiser of MEDLAB Europe Exhibition and Congress (“MEDLAB Europe”), is conducting the MEDLAB Europe 2018 Poster Competition for interested medical laboratory professionals in Europe to compete for an opportunity to win travel, accommodation and entry to either the MEDLAB Middle East Conference in Dubai, UAE on 4 – 7 February 2019 or MEDLAB Asia Pacific in Singapore on 27 – 29 March 2019 (“MEDLAB Conference”). Informa wishes to inspire laboratory professionals to submit their ideas for this competition, and Informa will award outstanding innovators with opportunity to attend MEDLAB Conference where they will have an opportunity to learn, network, and exchange ideas and experiences.


The terms and conditions below govern the MEDLAB Europe 2018 Poster Competition (“Terms and Conditions”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly. If you have any questions about any aspect of the MEDLAB Europe 2018 Poster Competition or these Terms and Conditions, please contact


 The promoter is: Informa Life Sciences, a trading division of Informa Middle East Limited (Dubai Branch)  trading at Level 20, Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“Informa”)


2.1  The title of the competition is MEDLAB Europe 2018 Poster Competition (“Competition”).

2.2  Competition summary. Participants shall submit an abstract to Informa. These shall be reviewed by Informa who shall inform participants whether their abstracts have been accepted. If accepted, participants shall submit their posters for review. The top five (5) posters will be selected and participants shall then have to present their posters at MEDLAB Europe on 3 October 2018. Two winners shall be selected and announced on 4 October 2018 at MEDLAB Europe and shall be granted travel, accommodation, and entry to attend one of the MEDLAB Conferences.


3.1  To enter the Competition, participants must access the URL: and follow the instructions set out therein to fill out and submit online the poster abstract submission form and the poster abstract (“Abstract”).

3.2 All Abstracts must be submitted following clause 3.1 by no later than 23:59 CEST on 30 June 2018 (“Closing Date”). All Competition entries received after the Closing Date are automatically disqualified.

3.3 All Abstracts must be submitted in the English language.

3.4 No purchase is necessary nor is there any charge to submit Abstract via the website.

3.5 Informa shall review submitted Abstracts and, by no later than 16 July 2018, inform participants’ whose Abstracts have been accepted via the email provided in the Abstract of the next steps in the Competition (“Poster Instructions”). If you entered the Competition and do not receive any communication informing you that your Abstract has been accepted by 16 July 2018, you will no longer be considered for the purposes of selecting the winners.

3.6  Informa will not accept:

(a)  responsibility for Competition entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit, regardless of cause, including, for example, as a result of any postal failure, equipment failure, technical malfunction, systems, satellite, network, server, computer hardware or software failure of any kind;

(b)  proof of posting or transmission as proof of receipt of entry to the Competition; or

(c) responsibility for any combination of events mentioned in clause 3.6 (a) or other events, including injury or damage to any participant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from participating in, or downloading or uploading any materials relating to, the Competition.

3.7 Participants who receive the confirmation that their Abstracts have been accepted must follow Poster Instructions to submit their posters to Informa by no later than 25 July 2018 (“Posters”).

3.8 Posters shall follow the specification set out in clause 4 in addition to any other specifications set out in Poster Instructions. If there are any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Poster Instructions, the Poster Instructions shall prevail only in so far as the conflicts.

3.9 Participants acknowledge and agree that Informa may, at its sole discretion, display any submitted Posters at the MEDLAB Europe 2018, online or any other MEDLAB conferences organised by Informa or any other companies that are part of the Informa Group (whose ultimate shareholder is Informa PLC).

3.10 Informa shall review the Posters and shall select five (5) finalists from these (“Finalists”). The Posters shall be judged under the following criteria and consideration:

  • the application of the solution;
  • showing of substantial evidence of the nature of the problem;
  • the method(s) used to reach a viable solution; and
  • a solid explanation of that solution.

3.11 Finalists shall be informed via email that they have been selected by no later than 2 August 2018. If you do not receive any notification that you have been selected by 2 August 2018, you will no longer be considered for the purposes of selecting the winners.

3.12 Finalists shall be given free entry to the MEDLAB Europe 2018 taking place in Barcelona from 2 – 4 October, and must attend MEDLAB Europe 2018 on 3 October 2018 to present their posters orally to a panel of appropriate judges selected by Informa. Details of the presentations shall be sent to Finalists via email.

3.13 If a Finalist does not present their Poster at MEDLAB Europe 2018 on 3 October 2018, they will automatically be disqualified.


4.1 All Poster entries must include the following:

  • A definition of the problem and research goal;
  • Documented steps used in the application of methodology;
  • A description of how the solution has been used to improve lab processes and/or analyse their work; and
  • Viable substantiated results which are a solution to the stated problem
  • All Poster entries must fall under any of one of the categories and further a sub-category (and be identified as such):


  1. Laboratory Management
  2. Clinical Microbiology
  3. Haematology
  4. Anatomic Pathology
  5. Post of Care Testing
  6. Immunology


  1. Breakthroughs
  2. Creativity
  3. Practicality
  4. Best Practices

4.3 Participants warrant that the Abstract and Poster submitted are their original work and do not infringe in any third party intellectual property rights in any way.


5.1  The Competition is only open to employed laboratory professionals and staff of a medical laboratory (or equivalent) in the European Union (including the United Kingdom) aged 18 years or over, except:

(a)  employees of Informa or its holding or subsidiary companies;

(b)  employees of agents or suppliers of the Informa or its holding or subsidiary companies, who are professionally connected with the Competition or its administration; or

(c)  members of the immediate families or households of (a) and (b) above.

5.2  In entering the Competition, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim the Prize as described in clause 6. Informa may require you to provide proof that you are eligible to enter the Competition.

5.3 Informa will not accept Competition entries that are:

(a)  automatically generated by computer;

(b)  illegible, have been altered, reconstructed, forged or tampered with; or

(c)  incomplete.

5.4 Informa reserves all rights to disqualify you at any point during the Competition if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the Competition


6.1  The two winners shall each receive the following (“Prize”):

(a) One (1) complimentary registration to the MEDLAB Conference;

(b) Accommodation for one (1) person for up to three (3) nights for the attendance of the MEDLAB Conference;

(c) Round trip ticket by economy class from a major European airport located in reasonable proximity to the city of residency of the winner. Airport and airline, and dates are to be selected at the sole discretion of Informa.

6.2 It shall be at Informa’s sole discretion whether the MEDLAB Conference for which Prize is given is MEDLAB Middle East conference in Dubai, UAE on 4 – 7 February 2019 or MEDLAB Asia Pacific in Singapore on 27 – 29 March 2019.

6.3  The Prize does not include travel insurance, the cost of transfers to and from airports or stations, the cost of transfer to and from accommodation and the MEDLAB Conference, food and drink, spending money, tax or personal expenses. Any other costs incurred in addition to those set out above and that are incidental to the fulfilment of the Prize are the responsibility of the winner(s).

6.4  You will be responsible for ensuring that you are available to travel and that you hold valid passports, any necessary visas and travel documents for travel in question on the travel dates specified by Informa.

6.5 Participants acknowledge and agree that Informa shall not be held liable in any way for a winner’s inability to gain lawful and/or timely entrance to the country where MEDLAB Conference shall take place.

6.6  There is no cash alternative for the Prize.

6.8  The Prize is not negotiable or transferable.

6.9  In order to claim the prize you must be present at MEDLAB Europe on 4 October 2018 when the winner is announced and provide the relevant information to Informa as required of the representative which will be attending the MEDLAB Conference, as well as any further instructions given on or after 4 October 2018.


7.1  The winner of the Competition will be announced at the MEDLAB Europe 2018 conference in Barcelona on 4 October 2018 (Announcement Date). More information in regard to where and when the winners will be announced shall be given to the Finalists once these are selected.

7.2  Informa’s decision is final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into in regard to accepting Abstracts, picking Finalists and choosing winners.

7.3  Informa will contact the winners via email as soon as practicable after the Announcement Date, using the contact information provided with the Competition entry with any further details, such as the requirements in clause 6.9.

7.4 Informa shall not be liable for the inability of a winner to obtain the Prize if a winner fails to provide any necessary further details (such as information required to arrange travel arrangements) in time.

7.5 If you are a winner of the Competition, Informa will contact you about the possibility of publicizing the fact you are a winner, including using your name, job title and image in connection with such publicity. Informa shall discuss this with you if you are announced as a winner.


8.1 Only one Prize will be allocated per winning Poster. If a participant enters as a group, then only one person as a representative of the group shall receive the Prize and attend MEDLAB Conference. Once the group informs Informa who said representative will be, this cannot be altered.

8.2 The Prize may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf.

8.3 If a winner cannot be contacted or is not available or declines the Prize Informa reserves the right to offer the Prize to another of the Finalists.

8.4 Informa does not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the Prize.


9.1 Insofar as is permitted by law, Informa, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner or participant, or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the Prize or participating in the Competition except where it is caused by the negligence of Informa, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.

9.2 Although Informa shall take reasonable care in the printing and display (online or at any of its MEDLAB conferences) of the Posters and any related material, it shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or misquotations that may occur.  All Posters are subject to the approval of Informa. Informa reserves the right to reject any Posters at any time after receipt.


10.1 Informa does not claim any rights of ownership in your Competition entry.

10.2 By submitting your Competition entry and any accompanying material (including all information in the Abstract and Poster), you agree that Informa may, but is not required to, make your entry available on its website, at any MEDLAB conference organised by Informa or the Informa Group (including but not limited to MEDLAB Europe following clause 3.9) and any other media, whether now known or invented in the future, and in connection with any publicity of the Competition. You agree to grant Informa a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable licence, for the full period of any intellectual property rights in the competition entry and any accompanying materials (including all information in the Abstract and Poster), to use, display, publish, transmit, copy, edit, alter, store, re-format and sub-licence the competition entry and any accompanying materials for such purposes.


11.1 By submitting an entry into the Competition, you agree that Informa may use your name, job title(s) laboratory/institution’s name, and country of residence in connection with displaying a Poster in relation to clause 3.9.

11.2  By entering the Competition, you agree that any personal information provided by you with the Competition entry may be held and used by Informa or its agents and suppliers only so far as necessary to administer the Competition.


12.1 By submitting and entry to the Competition, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

12.2  If there is any reason to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions, Informa may, at its sole discretion, reserve the right to exclude you from participating in the Competition.

12.3  Informa reserves the right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Prize or Competition where it becomes necessary to do so at its sole discretion.

12.4 By entering this Competition participants warrant that there is no legal prohibition on them to enter and participate in the Competition, and as such participating does not contravene any laws in the jurisdiction or location in which they make their entry.

12.5 To the furthest extent permitted by law, Informa shall not be liable to pay any taxes in relation to awarding the Prize. Any such taxes shall the responsibility of by the winner.

12.6 If Informa reasonably believes, once Prize has been awarded, that the Poster is not an original work of the winner and infringes on a third party’s intellectual property rights, the participant in question shall immediately refund any and all monies spent on awarding them the Prize.

12.7 Participants hereby agree to fully indemnify Informa for any loss, damages or costs in relation to a breach of clause 4.3 of these Terms and Conditions, including any legal costs incurred in defending any third party claims.

12.8 Participants may be either individuals or a group of people. In the case that the participant is a group, one person shall be identified to represent the participant if their Poster is selected as one of the Finalists for the purpose of clause 3.12, as well as for the receiving of the Prize. At no point shall two people be given entry to MEDLAB Europe nor awarded the Prize for one Poster.

12.9 In attending MEDLAB Europe and MEDLAB Conference, participants and winners agree to abide by the terms and conditions applicable to visitors.

12.10  These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.